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Runescapers to survive in wilderness

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2 years 6 months ago #2355 by annating3707
annating3707 created the topic: Runescapers to survive in wilderness
I suggest that we create skill floors, which would act as safety points, in addition to the 5 skills we get to keep. You would be able to purchase a skill floor for a good sum of money, and you would be protected every 10 levels.

You would need to repurchase this floor every 10 levels though. Let's say I have 70 ranged and I want to get 80 ranged without losing all of my exp (2 other combat skills are already protected), I would purchase the floor at 70 ranged, and now this is my safety point. If I die at any ranged level, whether it's 73 or 99, I'll return to 70 ranged. But because I can place a floor every 10 levels, once I get 80 ranged, I'll be protected there. The final floor would be placed at 99 in any skill. In this method, there is still a lot of risk involved, but at least it's not stupidly impossible.

Tactics are very important for Runescapers to survive in wilderness. Knowing a lots of tips for how to living in wilderness will avoid many death happening. Located north of the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia, the Wilderness is a large and dangerous area.

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